Sunday, October 24, 2010

Its fall

Hello Fall,

Its that time of year, leaves turn, the temps drop and the skies get a thin layer of grey. Its gets me thinking of times of color mixed with a pungent but beautiful smell in the air of renewal and growth that spring can bring after a long fall and winter. These past few weeks make it even more crystal clear that fall is a time to develop and feed off the elements you enjoyed from the previous seasons. Fall does make me smile and at the same time gives me a sense of sadness about the end of a wonderful yet terrifying year. This year was filled with the most important moments in ones life, getting married, new career goals, and life changing moves. With a foundation like that in place for the year, it does throw your life into a huge growth and state of mind blowing craziness. For me that was 100% the case, struggles of trying to enjoy your new surroundings, a new career, a new wife and at the same time trying to find a balance in taken care off all those things can be a challenge that could break a person's spirit but with fall being here it gives me that sense of development to begin the renewal process that comes with winter to springtime. I will try and take these moments of fall to continually remind my spirit that I am developing a wonderful life and yes times of struggle happen and times of doubt about ones talents will happen but fall will come and wash away those extreme moments of color, passion, and emotion to lead you down a path of contemplation and renewal. So yes fall is here, go out and enjoy natures moments and think of how your year has lead you to this fall and the moments ahead as we all need to think about the truly wonderful moments ahead of us.

Fall I am glad you are here.