Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm back!!

Hello everyone I am back. Sorry for the long time between posts. I took a week off last week and had tonz of fun and relaxed. Once I got back I had tons of work and projects pilled up. I have been working like crazy this month and last month. Lots to show. I will post alot of illustrations in the week to come. I am waiting to get thumbs up on them. till then I have another piece I finished for that annual report I have just one left to do then all the illustrations are done and will be placed in the report. I think this will be one amazing piece once its all printed and put together.


Friday, March 17, 2006

I have been Invited!!

Yours truely just recieved this:

I'm Invited!

By the AIGA/Baltimore to participate as a reviewer in the 2006 Student Portfolio Review. "AIGA is asking for a bit of your time and the students are asking for a lot of your honesty. While we will all benefit from your participation, a student thinking of bringing back comic sans might benefit the most. Interested?"

In two words "Hell Yeah"

haha I feel honored to be asked to be a Reviewer. I remember when I had that moment myself as a student.

I also loved it when a few months ago I was asked to give a talk at MICA to the senior thesis class. I greatly enjoyed speaking about my work and talking to future stars about the field of illustration and the art of promo.

Well I am excited and can't wait to see some great work and talk with people who care about this field as much as I do.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fat Albert!!!!

Hey everyone,

I just finished this and thought I would post it. "Hey Hey its Fat Albert"

I will post some other work in the next day or so till then enjoy!!


Monday, March 06, 2006

More Annual Illustrations!!

Hey everyone,

I have been busy finishing up some logos and design stuff. Plus Finished up some more illustrations for that Annual Report I have been posting.

I will post some design stuff later in the week along with my finished "Fat Albert" piece.

Well till then Enjoy


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Some sketching and work going on!!!

Hey people,

I did this sketch last night and I think it turned out really fun I am doing it for a contest posted by my a friend of mine Saxton at Sacks10.blogspot

Its a Fat Albert Contest :-) you have to take and give your personal take on the subject "Fat Albert"

I decided to make a full illustration of three of the characters I like. This is the sketch I will take to final. So in a few days I will post the final.

These next pieces I did for Promo the top one for HZDG and the bottom one as Promo for myself. They would be poster and also made into long stickers too..

Well I will post more work later in the week. I have some work I have to jump on now.