Friday, March 17, 2006

I have been Invited!!

Yours truely just recieved this:

I'm Invited!

By the AIGA/Baltimore to participate as a reviewer in the 2006 Student Portfolio Review. "AIGA is asking for a bit of your time and the students are asking for a lot of your honesty. While we will all benefit from your participation, a student thinking of bringing back comic sans might benefit the most. Interested?"

In two words "Hell Yeah"

haha I feel honored to be asked to be a Reviewer. I remember when I had that moment myself as a student.

I also loved it when a few months ago I was asked to give a talk at MICA to the senior thesis class. I greatly enjoyed speaking about my work and talking to future stars about the field of illustration and the art of promo.

Well I am excited and can't wait to see some great work and talk with people who care about this field as much as I do.


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mauricio salmon said...

dude that's awesome!