Sunday, December 05, 2010

Some more Poker Night At The inventory Work

Deal, Fold, Call and some serious Raising

Here are several assets I made for the games art styling. I really loved making the decks of cards, not sure what it is about card decks but I seem to always be making them for companies. The same goes for family crests as I got to do one for the TTG table felt in the game. Something that I thought was super cool was working with Valve's TF character, The Heavy. I got to pose him, and make lots of supporting designs for the TF presence in the game. Besides TF I got to learn how to draw and illustrate in different art styles, my favorite example of this is illustrating like the Penny Arcade guys and of course not to mention the Sam & Max characters. If you love these sample you should go buy the game and see all the great unlocks! Go buy it Poker Night At The Inventory

I also got to do some major updating to my portfolio site, which entailed adding an entire print section and let me tell ya, I had work going back about 7 years! Keep a look out for some of this print work as I plan on sharing it with you all in the near future.

Till then enjoy this Poker goodness

Inventory House Deck:

Penny Arcade Deck and Suicide Kings:

Sam & Max Deck:

Strong Bad Deck:

Concepts for the Poker Night Logos:

TTG Table Felt:

Trogdor Table Felt:

TF2 Table Felt:

TTG Table Felt:

Penny Arcade Table Felt:

Sam & Max Table Felt:

Inventory Table Felt:

Penny Arcade's Fruit F@#$er Table Felt:

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Time to place your bets

So did the title get your attention, well it should because this post is about the Citizen Kane of poker games. With that intro all that is left to say is "Poker Night at the Inventory"!

This is the branding, site, and assets I created for the big pre-order and TF2 unlocks announcement. This was a great project to be apart of as this game is one of the coolest concepts I have gotten to be apart of at Telltale games. Not only is a great concept but an amazing cast of characters to work with like Tycho (from Penny Arcade), The Heavy (from Team Fortress 2), Strong Bad and of course Max (from Sam & Max Series). I got to work on posing The Heavy which was a super cool experience, Value is truly an amazing group and their work is the best to work with and create new one of a kind assets.

The game itself is just beautiful, I had the pleasure of working on the asset creation for a lot of the main environment art assets and the brand itself in the game. Stay tuned on that topic as I will be posting all of that art once the game is released. In the meantime here is some goodness to get you excited and of course go pre-order now and land yourself some sweet FREE TF2 unlocks!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Its fall

Hello Fall,

Its that time of year, leaves turn, the temps drop and the skies get a thin layer of grey. Its gets me thinking of times of color mixed with a pungent but beautiful smell in the air of renewal and growth that spring can bring after a long fall and winter. These past few weeks make it even more crystal clear that fall is a time to develop and feed off the elements you enjoyed from the previous seasons. Fall does make me smile and at the same time gives me a sense of sadness about the end of a wonderful yet terrifying year. This year was filled with the most important moments in ones life, getting married, new career goals, and life changing moves. With a foundation like that in place for the year, it does throw your life into a huge growth and state of mind blowing craziness. For me that was 100% the case, struggles of trying to enjoy your new surroundings, a new career, a new wife and at the same time trying to find a balance in taken care off all those things can be a challenge that could break a person's spirit but with fall being here it gives me that sense of development to begin the renewal process that comes with winter to springtime. I will try and take these moments of fall to continually remind my spirit that I am developing a wonderful life and yes times of struggle happen and times of doubt about ones talents will happen but fall will come and wash away those extreme moments of color, passion, and emotion to lead you down a path of contemplation and renewal. So yes fall is here, go out and enjoy natures moments and think of how your year has lead you to this fall and the moments ahead as we all need to think about the truly wonderful moments ahead of us.

Fall I am glad you are here.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Complete Series


Here is the complete Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse poster series. I had the pleasure of designing all the posters as well as illustrating all but the last one in the series finale which had an illustration by the Creator of Sam & Max Steve Purcell. These were so much fun to direct and I am so happy that the fans loved them so much that the series posters are on sale at the telltale games store. Hope you all like them and go buy them to decorate your walls!!

The design layout and illustrations for each of these posters were inspired by different old school science fiction movie posters. The themes also matched the overall look and feel of each episodes.

Speaking of episodes here are the in game title cards I designed which include the logos I made as well.

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Four

Episode Five

Hope you all enjoy

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Trying to find a rhyme


Once again things have gotten busy and I find myself realizing time has flown by, I ask myself what now? Do I play catch up and write up or just go with the flow, well I chose go with the flow. I recently found myself making a huge overhaul to my site OneBlueBird and where do I begin to talk about that, well its fully coded by me not the best code but it works. The current plan is to finish the site by adding some more exciting elements like a series of animated transitions for moving from section to section. I have also been exploring Augmented realty for the site, those details will have to wait as I don't want to ruin the surprise. Other than those elements the site is pretty close to complete.
Work wise I have been busy with the release of all 5 episodes of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse. Besides that we have also announced at work our partnership with Universal Studios and we are doing Back To The Future and Jurassic Park so that has made things very busy and exciting at work.
Being in San Francisco has put a lot of things in perspective both personally and professionally. Design and interactive design is so much apart of my life and my love at the moment. I get moments of pure excitement when I have an idea for an exciting app or interactive motion design. (Speaking of animation and motion design I have been story boarding a lot lately for site designs and some cool ui ideas at work.)
Besides the excitement I get from design, I have felt a part of my career and my true love of illustration kicking back into full affect with a project I did for The Devil's Playhouse poster series. The posters are fun from the illustration to the full design layout of the typography. The beauty of illustration for me is the prefect harmony between design and illustration, when all the right elements come together from concept and subject matter.
My next post will be the complete collection of The Devil's Playhouse posters I had the pleasure of creating. Till then enjoy the post and the art I created for my website.

Here is to a rhyme to live by.


Saturday, April 03, 2010

March part two


Here is some more work that I did for Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse. This was the marketing site for this series. I got to do a really cool theater approach for this site. Overall I am happy with how the whole campaign has come across and the fan's enjoying it a lot. Also I got to illustrate and design the poster for Episode 1: The Penal Zone and let me just say this was one of my favorite parts. I will be posting more work as the Game comes out on the 15th and its ok to share.

Here is the live site to check out:


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March the busy month!


So this month has been one busy busy month. I had friends in town had lots of fun going here and there seeing what San Francisco has to offer. Also at the same time launching two of the biggest campaigns Telltale Games has done. We launched all new Merch for Tales of Monkey Island! I got the pleasure to be the Art director and creator for most all the merch. Along with that set of items we launched the big Pre-Order event for Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse. I got to Create the look and feel for all the Marketing and Web content plus I got to design the screens for the PS3 version of the game, how cool is that! To top it off I got to Direct and storyboard out the Trailer for the Series Premiere to the world. It is being talked about as one of the Best Telltale has produced, which makes me feel really great. The trailer got play on G4TV, Gamespot, IGN, and basically you name it it made it on somewhere on the web. Oh if you are a PS3 owner go to the PSN and download the HD version.

Anyway here is some great work I produced for this great game. Logo work, Trailer, Key Art, and some Branding.


Logos and A Game Icon for the First Episode:

Key Art created to help get the vibe and excitement going about the new Series:

Invite for a GDC Party/ Event to Announce Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse:

The Trailer for Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse