Sunday, December 05, 2010

Some more Poker Night At The inventory Work

Deal, Fold, Call and some serious Raising

Here are several assets I made for the games art styling. I really loved making the decks of cards, not sure what it is about card decks but I seem to always be making them for companies. The same goes for family crests as I got to do one for the TTG table felt in the game. Something that I thought was super cool was working with Valve's TF character, The Heavy. I got to pose him, and make lots of supporting designs for the TF presence in the game. Besides TF I got to learn how to draw and illustrate in different art styles, my favorite example of this is illustrating like the Penny Arcade guys and of course not to mention the Sam & Max characters. If you love these sample you should go buy the game and see all the great unlocks! Go buy it Poker Night At The Inventory

I also got to do some major updating to my portfolio site, which entailed adding an entire print section and let me tell ya, I had work going back about 7 years! Keep a look out for some of this print work as I plan on sharing it with you all in the near future.

Till then enjoy this Poker goodness

Inventory House Deck:

Penny Arcade Deck and Suicide Kings:

Sam & Max Deck:

Strong Bad Deck:

Concepts for the Poker Night Logos:

TTG Table Felt:

Trogdor Table Felt:

TF2 Table Felt:

TTG Table Felt:

Penny Arcade Table Felt:

Sam & Max Table Felt:

Inventory Table Felt:

Penny Arcade's Fruit F@#$er Table Felt: