Sunday, November 07, 2010

Time to place your bets

So did the title get your attention, well it should because this post is about the Citizen Kane of poker games. With that intro all that is left to say is "Poker Night at the Inventory"!

This is the branding, site, and assets I created for the big pre-order and TF2 unlocks announcement. This was a great project to be apart of as this game is one of the coolest concepts I have gotten to be apart of at Telltale games. Not only is a great concept but an amazing cast of characters to work with like Tycho (from Penny Arcade), The Heavy (from Team Fortress 2), Strong Bad and of course Max (from Sam & Max Series). I got to work on posing The Heavy which was a super cool experience, Value is truly an amazing group and their work is the best to work with and create new one of a kind assets.

The game itself is just beautiful, I had the pleasure of working on the asset creation for a lot of the main environment art assets and the brand itself in the game. Stay tuned on that topic as I will be posting all of that art once the game is released. In the meantime here is some goodness to get you excited and of course go pre-order now and land yourself some sweet FREE TF2 unlocks!