Thursday, August 24, 2006

Moving ohhh Moving

Hey Everyone,

I have been quiet about this till the day came and passed. I have moved to Milwaukee to start a new life with Amanda the girl I love. I also decided to be a fulltime Freelancer and gave up my fulltime job in DC.

I love this area and I am so happy. Things have been so good for me this year and my career. My Rep is a GREATTTT Rep and I see a really bright and exciting future for my career.

Well once I get all settled in our new place I will post more ills soon, but till then here is some pics from the set of Studio 60 the new Matthew Perry show. These pics are of my work hanging as set posters and artwork. Warner Bros emailed me about this and wanted 9 pieces to use for the sets.

About half of them will be apart of the set permanently.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Spread the Word!!

Hey Everyone,

Scott Hull Associates have Launched the new Dial-In-Style campaign. Spread the word. I am a proud contributor :-)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Little art to keep ya happy

This piece was done for a Wedding. I had lots of fun doing this piece.

Oh Vacation

Well I am back. I had a wonderful time off relaxing, fishing and just enjoying being with the person I love. Me and Amanda had a ball we stayed at a cabin. I went fishing and caught two fish my first night out, a walleye and a northern. My next time out let me tell you was soooo much fun I caught four walleyes in arow, they were all keepers. Some good eatting yummmm.
While out on that night fishing I saw a BEAR a Black Bear. He was swimming across the cannel haha.

I got pretty close to him and took some pics of him in the water and then he jumped out of the water onto the bank and I got some pics of him looking back at us on the boat like "what you doing in my water?" haha

I have to say this was one of the BEST vacations I have had.

Well On a work related note I have been busy. I have my page offically on my Reps. site

I have lots to scan in and work to post. I have been trying to catch up since being way. Also I have some more news to annouce in the coming weeks :-) its life changing and makes me happy to say the least.

Well I am off to the world of Illustration. Take it easy.