Friday, February 24, 2006

Just Updating!!


Hope all is well. I just got an email from the Art Director that I worked with at PLAYGIRL and she told me they are going to have a section about the artists in the issue I did work for and I will have a picture and bio lol :-) thats right people

Well this week has been really killer I have been working like crazy on new work and I should have some stuff to post once I hear its approved :-D

In the meantime here is some artwork i did for this retail center for some ads I did several versions and this is one of them its my fav.

This next piece is from the whitman series i have been working and and lead to the website

Which is up for an ADDY this year :-D

Well that should keep ya till my next post I hope ya enjoy.

Have a Great Day!!!!


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Major Updates!!!

Hey everyone I have Great News. I just heard the work I did on
Recieved a nomination for an ADDY. That is soo cool and a huge thing for me :-D

I also got word that I will have another t-shirt coming out from a clothing company in LA.

Also working on a logo for this company that works for movie companies as a placement agency. They put stuff in movie i.e. nike, phones things like that on the big screen... I got word they are taking me on as a client as well and working to get my artwork in movies.

Whatelse I Just Put my Website through a Major Update and there are tons of new work in the illustration, sketch and design sections.

Well everyone I hope your weekend is going well enjoy it!!!!


Friday, February 17, 2006

Finished Playgirl Illustrations!!

Here they are folks!!

I finished these and just heard back they are all approved and off to to the pub.

Life has been great just working and getting more freelance I got a job for another t-shirt design and then a logo design for a company in LA.

I also did a design for someone that wanted a tat. the job was to design an image of this bird that is on the polish flag. He loved it and he is getting it inked this weekend I am going to try and get after photo of the design on his arm.

Other then a busy life with freelance, my day job has been going well I just finished up a group of illustrations for some posters for skin care for kids and then some icon art for a invitation to Chuck Norris's KickStart program haha thats right you heard right the legend himself chuck "kill you with just a flex of his butt cheek" Norris haha

The project turned out cool I will post the finished product once its printed :-)

Well kids I am off to make some more art and what not I will keep the posts coming I promise.


This is the Tat I designed for a client(its going to be inked on the shoulder):
Oh on a side note my personal life has become amazing, I love you Amanda :-)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Updates 2/14/2006

Sorry for the long time in posting I am new to this blog thing haha

I have been really busy with illustration projects and what not. Here is some recent things I have been working on I did this sketches for PlayGirl. Once I finish I will post the finals:

These next images are for an Annual Report for a Financial Company :-)
Enjoy..... more updates to follow I will try and post more!!