Friday, February 24, 2006

Just Updating!!


Hope all is well. I just got an email from the Art Director that I worked with at PLAYGIRL and she told me they are going to have a section about the artists in the issue I did work for and I will have a picture and bio lol :-) thats right people

Well this week has been really killer I have been working like crazy on new work and I should have some stuff to post once I hear its approved :-D

In the meantime here is some artwork i did for this retail center for some ads I did several versions and this is one of them its my fav.

This next piece is from the whitman series i have been working and and lead to the website

Which is up for an ADDY this year :-D

Well that should keep ya till my next post I hope ya enjoy.

Have a Great Day!!!!


1 comment:

mauricio salmon said...

what's up man! good to see you've been keeping busy.thanks for the commments.
keep the work coming and good luck with the addy!