Monday, April 30, 2007

New Sketch!!

Man I am enjoying Spring :-) got to do the lawn and get some sun and then play with my puppy. Also we got to take long walks in the neighborhood and see whats what. On another note I finished this sketch for a new promo piece for my post cards and also a large card that will be handed out at the HOW conference. Yes indeed I am going to this years HOW conference my Rep has a booth so a group of us are going to go to represent for Scott Hull :-) This years event is in goo ol Atlanta. I grew up in Memphis soo I am excited to visit the south again. Ohhh also on an old note here is a screen shot of a clothing site ( I designed and built :-)
well I am off to finish this promo piece and work on some other goodies .

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ahh Spring Time!!!!

Well its that time of the year!! I love this season and all the fun things that start happening. I love lawn care so I have been getting out there in the yard and edging, mowing and of course getting the flower beds planted with Amanda. Also since we have a puppy and this is his first spring playing with him in the yard makes me soo happy. Its good to have weather like this to get me away from the computer and working and enjoy the beautiful world out there. This spring and summer we plan on traveling a lot and trying to get a lot of fishing in. :-)

Well I am going to take Joxer " The Mighty" my puppy Basset out and play. Here is a cute pic of our little guy.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Story time


Well I have been missing for a few weeks haha. Sorry just kind of overwhelmed with life and work mainly web stuff. Anywho I thought I would share one of the new pieces(About the stories of Jack the Ripper) I have been doing.