Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oh Vacation

Well I am back. I had a wonderful time off relaxing, fishing and just enjoying being with the person I love. Me and Amanda had a ball we stayed at a cabin. I went fishing and caught two fish my first night out, a walleye and a northern. My next time out let me tell you was soooo much fun I caught four walleyes in arow, they were all keepers. Some good eatting yummmm.
While out on that night fishing I saw a BEAR a Black Bear. He was swimming across the cannel haha.

I got pretty close to him and took some pics of him in the water and then he jumped out of the water onto the bank and I got some pics of him looking back at us on the boat like "what you doing in my water?" haha

I have to say this was one of the BEST vacations I have had.

Well On a work related note I have been busy. I have my page offically on my Reps. site

I have lots to scan in and work to post. I have been trying to catch up since being way. Also I have some more news to annouce in the coming weeks :-) its life changing and makes me happy to say the least.

Well I am off to the world of Illustration. Take it easy.

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