Monday, October 02, 2006

New Work!!

Hey everyone,
I finished this promo piece about the movie Marie Antoinette and got a moment to post it along with another piece I did for my clothing/ brand. Its a family style crest. Hope you all enjoy!!


mauricio salmon said...

movie is out this weeekend, i think i might go se it too, good piece. i like the colors and the use of pattern.

Lee LeMond said...

Your Family Crest style work is absolutely AMAZING. I am also a freelancer, I have an upcoming project where I am designing a new Logo for a friend. I have an idea of what I want and stumbled across your image in this post through google images. The style is almost EXACTLY what I am working on currently. The reason started looking for family crests online was to find a decent template to work off for my design. I am curious if you would object to me using your image for my design. I am not looking to use the EXACT image just the shield and Helmet (no patterns or external elements). They would give me the EXACT basline for what I am designing. The reason I ask is I have been having a TERRIBLE time getting my helmet to look proper. Thank you for your time if you could let me know either way I would greatly appreciate it. I can be reached through email @

Once again your work is amazing! And I hope to hear from you soon!

Bluebird said...


Thanks a for the wonderful words about my crest. I will email ya with my answer to this question. I hope you understand my answer and why I need to protect it. Thanks and hope you keep checking out my blog.


ky said...

Hi! I am doing a project for school about a family crest and I think this is awesome so I picked this... And I need to rite a summery about that it means. The project is d_*3•D on monday. Do u mind helping me out on what everything means? Thank u:) rite back soon:) plz!

Bluebird said...


Thank you for liking my crest. Sorry I wasn't ably to reply sooner. I have been swamped at work and these emails sometimes get misplaced till later.

The crest is simple it stands for my family and mainly my artist name onebluebird. The bluebird stands for me as that is something I grew up being called and said around me a lot. I decided to use it as my signature and mark.

The letter "S" stands for my name Stephen and "A" stands for my wife's name Amanda.

The floral elements represent my style and design work.

The star shape is something I prefer not to share its a family thing and personal.

The other elements like the helmet style, strips and badges on the bottom right are standard elements in most crests just done in my style.

Lastly the color scheme is to match the family bluebird theme.

Hope that helps and I'm truly sorry I got this to you later than you needed.

Thanks for checking out my blog and I will try to write and post on it more.

Good luck with everything.