Monday, May 18, 2009

Bands and Family Crests

Hi there,

Recently I finished up some really fun projects for a band and a client's personal family crest. I thought they turned out nice, so I hope ya enjoy!!

These pieces were done for We the Living a small up and coming band. We are still waiting to hear if they will be using them in the future if not I got some cool work out of it.

The band gave me the art direction for the below image from a chemical truck they saw on tour that had a cool chemical symbol with hands and asked if I could take that and come up with something for them. I turned the symbol into a "w" shape for "We" in We the Living. Also made the hands clean and graphic. Even though this idea wasn't mine I think it turned out ok for what they wanted.

Below is an image for some possible clothing for their tours.

This last image was done for a commissioned project. He wanted a family crest because of the work I have done with Family crest in the past. It also turned out fun and something different then my other crests.

Thanks for checking in and I hope to have some more projects up soon!!

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