Saturday, January 16, 2010

California life

California oh California,

This is an open letter to the life I have started in California specifically San Rafael just outside San Fran. My new career at Telltale Games as their Art Director is going amazing so far I have been handed a great marketing / web group to push in the right direction and my hopes to step up the design look and feel of the company and products. Lots of potential for me to play and invent some great work. Life in California has been really interesting and growing on us. I think this area is full of great things to enjoy but we just need the weather to clear up, as most might know winter in the San Fran area= Grey and cloudy or better described as FOG. I am sure it will get better and the exploration of California can begin. Things on our list of must sees is the beach, red wood forests, shopping/food areas in the heart of San Fran and lastly some fun hiking.

Other then the above mentions of growth, learning and new beginnings, life is grand. Started working out regularly and drawing more. These past 4-5 months have been stressful and a wall for me in terms of creativity but I feel the energy coming back and I am going to start to get lots of content being pumped out and on this site as well as every other place I live on in the "inter-web."

Well I think that is enough social words for today here is to a lot more and I hope to keep feeling this motivated and ready to communicate my work and passions.

Have a wonderful day,

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