Saturday, February 20, 2010

Catch up


Hope everyone is having a good weekend? I am so far, its been a crazy few weeks and have a major project coming to an end this coming week at Telltale, so I will post some images of that once I can.

Time to play some catch up with some more design/illustration work I have been up to here ya go!

These samples are mainly the landing page design from the big holiday Campaign we had at Telltale Games. This was a fun piece that I made along with tons of banners and other supporting matters. The homepage design was staged to be a scene of a living room that is ready for the holiday season. The Main picture frame had a slider styling applied to it to have several messages slide into view. The page also took advantage of all the other picture frames by having them link to their specific games page. Also the fire place was a video that looped to enhance the feeling you were in a really room with a fire going, in fact you could click on the fireplace and the video would go full screen for your viewing pleasure.

The last stage of the site was to turn into a post holiday party scene with open presents glasses and some crazy mishappenings that went down like the fire getting out of control and it being put out.

Overall this was an extremely successful campaign and brought tons of traffic and most importantly customers to the e-commerce part of the ttg's site.


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