Monday, June 18, 2007

HOW Design Conference (PART 1)

Hey everyone,
I am back from Atalanta from the conference. It was an amazing trip not only did I meet lots of people but people I knew. Thanks to everyone for stopping by the booth. The other artists that were there from Scott Hull was Penelope, Josh, Mike and Von. I realized how much I enjoyed networking and marketing on this trip. Seeing people come up to me and really want to know what I do is something that showed me how much I love this field. It was also a feeling of growth for me. To have a booth and hand out t-shirts, stickers and buttons was a ball. So here is a photo bump from the Conference. The images show our booth, people stenciling at our booth, the city of Atlanta, Gary Baseman giving a talk and then a drawing he did on our panels (which was cool to meet him as well). Oh and I will be posting a PART 2, so check back for that,

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Brian Cowie said...

Hey Guys,

We were right across from you at The Paper Mill Store. Loved your booth. What a great show we had. Great shot of the gal with the cam-hat.

We took some video of the show you might like,

See you nexst year.

Brian Cowie