Thursday, June 21, 2007

HOW Design Conference (PART 2)

Hey everyone,
Here is the second part of the HOW Design Conference trip. The most amazing part of this trip was the day me, Penelope, and Josh and got a personal tour from Ty (Huge thanks to him for hanging out with us) of Cartoon Network. He is a Designer there and over all nice guy. So we got to go walk through most of the Studios. We got to see animation areas, Web development/ animation group, Design group and finally got to met the illustrators that worked there. I was just blown away by the cool environment and nice people there. Ty also gave us tons of free stuff (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends- MY FAV.) Well after the tour, Ty asked if I would draw/tag their stairwell. I thought I went to haven haha. So I did a piece with my bluebird flying from the bottom of the stairs to the top. Truly I can now cross off one of my to do things before I die.
Well Once that day was over my head was spinning. The Conference closed at the Atlanta Aquarium (the nations largest). They had whale sharks there!! So that was an amazing way to end the trip. Now I am home back to work, I have a book, two websites and another illo for the UTNE Reader to get done.

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